• Quinton T

    “Had some out of Armstrong and the frozen really does hold up. I was afraid of the quality wouldn't translate but it sure does, taste just like it used when your restaurant, Thanks Guys”

  • Evan B

    “I honestly can't believe it's frozen pizza, ps it's better than any pizzeria, takes 10 mins to cook and you don't have to deal with the declining customer service and increasing pizzeria inflation.”

  • Samantha H

    “Best pizza ever! My whole family devoured everything!”

  • Jennifer S

    “Huge Rave to Pizzamoreh for their delicious thin crust pizzas! This is our current favorite, the Smok’eh Blue with roasted garlic, smoky ham, mozzarella, maple pears, blue cheese and crushed hazelnuts with a cream sauce base. OMG”

  • Max G

    “Good pizza is my favourite treat! Big time RAVE about Pizzamoreh’s take home frozen pizza. I love how it's local ingredients and supporting a local family. I got them from the freezer in Nature Fare but I’ve seen them at other grocers. Only thing I wished was that Restaurant was still open.”

  • Alisha K

    “Rave!! Pizzamoreh frozen pizzas from natures fare! Absolutely delicious and by far my favorite frozen pizzas. Super fresh toppings and great quality. We tried the vegan marguerit’eH and the After bigg’eH. I’m not vegan but wanted to try and was not disappointed. Both were delicious so I highly reccomend! Can’t wait to try other flavours”

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    • ALL Meat

      A best-selling pizza with a house-made organic Pizzamoreh marinara sauce base, mozzarella cheese, mild Italian sausage, locally made pepperoni, and crispy bacon bits. A hearty and satisfying pizza for any occasion.

    • Backyard BBQ Pizza

      A mouthwatering pizza with a smoky BBQ sauce base, topped with mozzarella cheese, Chicken, sweet pineapple, and roasted red peppers for a burst of flavor. Spicy jalapenos add some heat.

    • Hawaiian

      A tropical pizza with a house-made marinara sauce base, fresh mozzarella cheese, succulent pineapple chunks, locally smoked and fresh-cut ham.

    • Smok'eH Blue

      A sophisticated pizza with a creamy garlic sauce, creamy blue cheese, organic mozzarella cheese, smoked ham, Okanagan pears, and crunchy hazelnuts. A pizza that combines sweet, salty, and nutty flavors in every bite.

    • Bacon Cheese Burger

      A classic pizza with a creamy burger sauce base, premium ground beef, a three-cheese mix, fresh tomatoes, onions, and pickles. A pizza that tastes like a burger, but better.

    • Popeye's Chicken Artichoke

      A healthy and tasty pizza with a garlic cream sauce base, fresh spinach, marinated artichokes, roast chicken, and parmesan cheese. A pizza that is packed with protein and greens

    • Margarita Pizza

      A classic pizza with a signature organic pizza pesto sauce base, organic mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves. A pizza that is light and refreshing.

    • The Vegg'eH Patch

      A colorful pizza with an organic pizza pesto sauce base, local mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, onions, marinated artichokes, red peppers, Kalamata olives, braised mushrooms, and feta cheese. A pizza that is loaded with veggies and flavor.

    • Just Chees'eH

      A cheesy pizza with an organic marinara sauce base, a cheese mix. A pizza that is simple but satisfying.

    • Why Choose Pizzamoreh

      At Pizzamoreh , we are dedicated to bringing you the best bake at home pizza possible. Our team of chefs, farmers, and foodies work together to create unique and delicious pizza recipes that are made with fresh and wholesome ingredients. With Pizzamoreh, you no longer have to compromise on taste or quality.