Pizza Places Near Me

Hey, Are There Any Good Pizza Places Near Me?

Well, why don’t you ask Steven Crowder? If the Internet isn’t playing tricks on us, then he’s so confident that Pizzamoreh in West Kelowna has the best pizza ever that he’s willing to sit down and debate Pizzamoreh’s detractors live and in person. Wow, this really is what Democracy looks like!


Anyway, don’t quote us on that. But if you’re looking for the best pizza in town, look no further. We guarantee that no one else puts the same amount of care, the same amount of creativity, and the same fresh, high quality ingredients in their pizzas as we do. All of our dough is hand made in-house and topped your favorite sauce and topping combos.


So, don’t take Crowder’s word for it. Come on down to Pizzamoreh and find out why we are West Kelowna’s favorite.