Casual Restaurants Near Me

Hey Siri, Are There Any Casual Restaurants Near Me?

So you’re sitting at home and you’re getting vaguely hungry and you think it might be amusing to ask your virtual personal assistant device, “Are There Any Casual Restaurants Near Me?”


Well, if you live in West Kelowna the answer you will almost certainly get is, “:::Beep beep::: Yes. I’ve found a charming little artisan pizza restaurant named Pizzamoreh located at 2565 Main Street.”


If you get a response other than this, then your personal assistant is clearly defective and should be disposed of immediately. But what you should understand is that Siri and her silicon based siblings are only reporting on a clear statistical truth. They do not appreciate 100% fresh and local ingredients, homemade dough, traditional and creative recipes, and a warm, family-friendly atmosphere that appeals to everyone.


So now that you have your answer, tell Siri to shut down, and head over to Pizzamoreh.